The Basics of Baseball Tickets

This blog is dedicated to discussing how and why cheap baseball seats are a societal necessity.  Baseball has been an integral part of our lives, and that of the generations before us, and needs to continue as the major sport of the United States.  Now the demand for baseball tickets has never been hotter, and the coming playoffs may create the highest demand ever if both New York teams face one another again.  The ticket brokers will be having a field day, but there might be a few opportunities amongst the high prices.

I am hoping this blog will be interactive.  I am looking for some good seats that don’t kill the wallet.  I think it can be done.  I need to mention my brother Kevin and my good friend Roland, both of whom are also in search of tickets this fall.  And anyone else who would like to post any news of baseball tickets that are reasonable, please feel welcome.  Baseball is essential to the American way of life and I want as many people as possible to be within reach of Major League Baseball tickets.

How this comes about is unknown?  Ticket brokers are what they are, I have patronized them in the past and had some good experiences.  And a few poor experiences, too.  But ticket brokers are not the only source for tickets.  We have that wonderful animal Ebay, along with the classified sections of newspapers, online classifieds, and good old word of mouth.  So do not just fork over the big dollars to the first ticket broker you call, make them compete with each other.  Go online, and check your newspaper.  The prices will not be pretty but we have to expect to pay some good money to see MLB’s finest face each other in classic fall competition. 

We can’t beat supply and demand, and that is not the goal.  The plan here is to be smart, use good timing, and make sure every source is exhausted before we fork over the cash for our baseball tickets.  Thanks for reading, let’s get ready to watch those prices in the coming weeks.  I am predicting good prices in Minnesota and Oakland, and terrible prices for both NY teams.  Of course!  But you never know.


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