Great Article On Baseball Playoff Tickets

I would like everyone to check out the great article by Russell Adams of the Wall Street Journal Online Edition, dated today.  The title of article is "Baseball-Playoff Seats Get Harder to Score" and I fully agree with every point in the article.  In the grand scheme of things baseball tickets are not that important but at the same time Americans should not have to scramble or go into debt to attend a ballgame.  The article pointed out some disturbing trends which I hope the MLB is going to address, if not this season then in the coming years.

When you read the article you learn that the St Louis Cardinals have changed dramatically the policy for seats available.  I will quote directly from article because it really speaks for itself.  Russell Adams writes "The St. Louis Cardinals, who are leading in the National League Central division race, made only about 3,000 seats per game available for each of their potential home playoff games; last year, they made 14,000 tickets avaiable" for the same batch of first round games.  Now, we have long watched and experienced the growth in baseball ticket pricing and the fact that playoff game tickets are becoming harder to get.  But this is a startling one year jump!  Russell goes on to discuss how baseball is coming to resemble the NFL or NBA in ticket prices.  I doubt anyone reading this is happy with the situation. 

But then there is the reality on the ground.  People want to see baseball games and they need baseball tickets to get in.  There are more people in this country every year.  And despite what so many football fans say, baseball is still just as popular as it was 20 years ago, if not more.  Ballpark seating has increased in some instances but for the most part the number of seats has not changed.  All the more reason to try to come together and find tickets through any means possible.  For me, that basically means the internet and newspapers.  Baseball tickets, like any high demand item, have their price.  How much am I willing to spend?  It depends, but reading this article tells me it is going to be more than last year.


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