Detroit Wins Game 2 In NY

With the victory going to Detroit in game 2 in of Detroit vs NY, now things change from a ticket vantage point.  Had the Yankees won game 2 there would be a good chance for the Yanks to sweep the series and for there to be only one game in Detroit.  The Tigers now have a chance to make things interesting.  And ticket brokers, season ticket holders, and speculators in general can sell those baseball tickets to game 4 with no hesitation or worry of returns.  There is going to be a game 4.

In my opinion, for those of you planning a trip to Detroit (c’mon NY fans, you can spend that money) to catch either game 3 or 4 should purchase those tickets right now.  I only see the price increasing from here.  TicketKing is a good bet to land a pair of decent seats for between $220 – $320, but I predict those prices will jump by tomorrow morning as all the supply vanishes.  Another way to look at it is this: right now every ticket broker, would-be scalper and speculator is out there trying to score Detroit Playoff seats!  Once they grab them all, guess what is next?  Of course, they are going to raise those prices immediately and substantially!  In addition, think of all the long suffering Detroit Tiger fans who are excited that their team has shown some life.  They are out there buying those tickets like crazy.  As are the New York Yankee fans, specifically the diehards who are going to travel to Detroit to support the team of desting.  Detroit Tiger tickets are most available now.  So, if you are like me, you are on the phone trying to get those tickets now.  When the sun comes up tomorrow, the tickets you buy tonight will be either unavailable or you are going to spend more money to get the exact same thing.  Good luck!


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